Master Captain Scott Borowy

"The Fish Whisperer"

It is rumored that Captain Scott was not born by normal means, but instead he was spit out by the Bay herself.  Raised by fish, crabs, & skates, he learned the secrets of the Bay.  Some say he is part fish and still has the mental connection with the marine life in the area. 

Captain Scott has been on the water since he was old enough to smile.  Starting out professionally racing jet skis at a young age, he eventually moved up to larger water craft, and now Captain's a beautiful 36' Hatteras.  He has a weakness for the latest and greatest gear on his boat, which guarantee's that his clients will only be using top-notch gear at all times.  He enjoys educating others about the Bay, boating, and fishing because of his enthusiasm & passion for what he does.

His main goal is to provide all clients with the most amazing fishing experience that he can provide on the Chesapeake Bay!